Raisina Dialogue 2020: Addressing the world’s most compelling issues

It was a great honor and a privilege to represent Colombia and the Latin American region in discussing Gender Equality at the Raisina2020 in New Delhi, India.

The Raisina Dialogue 2020 is a top-level global forum in which addresses the world’s most pressing issues such as Climate Change, Gender Equality, Civil Movements, Technologies.

I was able to interact and to listen to the different perspectives from world leaders such as Switzerland’s Former Prime Minister, Foreign Secretaries from countries such as India and Mexico, and different ambassadors from the Indo-Pacific region, among others.

I participated in “The Bias Bug: Responding to Automated Patriarchy” panel in which, together with an amazing group of co-panelists, we discussed whether fairer data sets, regulations and/or corporate practices were enough to make the 4th Industrial Revolution a real opportunity to achieve Gender Equality.

The Bias Bug: Responding to Automated Patriarchy

I want to deeply thank Samir Saran, President Observer Research Foundation, for granting me the amazing opportunity of collaborating through dialogue and to congratulate him as well as all the ORF team for a very successful event at Raisina2020.

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